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The team formed in 2018 when a group of friends working together were told their jobs were on the line with the unexpected selling of the hotel. With the team unsure of their future they clubbed together and bought a horse box, bringing to life the idea of working for themselves. This dream became a reality through the infamous Taco Boys. The team took on every challenge that came their way, thriving against the unpredictable weather and seasonal employment. The search for growth continued, wanting to make a better life for themselves and those around them they moved to Exeter. STAGE opened in the fall of 2020 and the farm-to-table ethos of Taco Boys was bought to the city. Holding onto their connections in Cornwall, the prep units turned into a site for experimenting; brewing, fermenting and curing. 

With STAGE now fully operational, the team are able to offer their most sustainable menus yet. Working with local farmers and operating a whole animal only policy, they do all their own butchery, make all their own charcuterie, misos, soys, vinegars, beers and much much more. With a push towards a fully British menu, a few weaknesses remain; chocolate, sugar, vanilla, wines and certain spices. Which we try our best to source the most ethical and highest quality products available to us. 

As we continue on our journey we promise to provide you with the best of our experience and produce that we can harvest from this beautiful land. 
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