To book, please use the OpenTable widget below. 

Please note all dietary requirements when booking.

(e.g. 1 x pescatarian, 2 x gluten free, 1 x pregnant)


Tables are for Wednesday to Saturday.

We offer a lunch of 4 courses at 12:30pm for £25

We offer a dinner of 6 courses in the evening between 6pm & 8pm for £40

Space is limited so please let us know if you plan to bring a dog, buggy or wheelchair.

It is essential to note all dietary requirements when you book so that we can cater for them accordingly.

Please refrain from leaving or smoking during service.

Booking the 'Bar' means Chef's Table which is on high stools.

Max table size is 6 persons.

Stage is closed for annual leave for the following periods:

1st - 20th January 

15th - 24th May

28th - 31st July 

4th - 20th September

24th December

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